Fertility Support

Here at Two Turtles Acupuncture Center, we are passionate about helping you achieve your dream of building a family.


Flower BloomMany couples today are using acupuncture alone or in conjunction with Western medicine. Whether you are trying to conceive on your own or are using medical assistance, we can help, not only with physical treatments, but with emotional and spiritual support.

Acupuncture has been used as a fertility aid as far back as 3 A.D. and stands on the principle that your health is determined by the quality of Qi, or vital life energy, and your blood.

When both are circulating properly, your body is balanced, nourished and functioning properly; all things that can enhance fertility.

Research show that acupuncture helps regulate your menstrual cycle, can improve sperm count and motility in men and can reduce the stresses associated with infertility by helping your body relax. When adding acupuncture to medical treatments, it has also been shown to increase the chance of pregnancy, stimulating blood flow to the uterus and decrease the chance of miscarriage, normalizing hormone and endocrine systems in your body. In fact, one study from the British Medical Journal found that women were 65 percent more likely to become pregnant when combining the in vitro fertility procedure with acupuncture.

Your treatments are usually scheduled for three consecutive cycles totaling 12 weeks. Each patient is different, however, and we will personalize treatments to your needs.

Dedicated to helping women achieve their dream of becoming a mother, Licensed Acupuncturist Jen DeMaio wrote her master’s thesis on the acupuncture treatment of infertility.
A young pregnant woman
Acupuncture Benefits on Fertility
  • Improve the function of the ovaries to produce higher quality eggs
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus and increase the health of the uterine lining
  • Relax and de-stress
  • Prevent uterine contractions post IVF embryo transfe, helping the embryo to successfully implant
  • Reduce the side effects of IVF medications
  • Strengthen the immune system and increase energy levels
  • Improve sperm count, motility, morphology and reduce sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Increase chances of conceiving
  • Decrease chances of miscarriage
The relationship between fertility and weight management
  • 12% of females with primary infertility are overweight
  • 70% of fertility problems resolve with weight loss
  • So be sure to check out our weight loss support group if you think this applies to you