Community Acupuncture is Canceled until further notice

I am super sad to announce this, but given the close proximity and the continued need for physical distancing, I need to pause the Community Clinic.  I will keep you informed as to when it is safe to re-open this option.

New Office Policies

  • Please wear a mask or face covering upon entering or exiting the building and Two Turtles (this includes, the hallway, bathrooms and reception area).Even as we discuss your case in the treatment room, please keep your mask on.  You may remove your mask once you are resting on your own in your treatment room.
  • To decrease the number of people in our waiting room, no one who does not have an appointment can accompany you and sit in our waiting room.  Please let me know if you need any assistance entering or existing the building.  I am happy to help!
  • To keep interactions low, please wait in your vehicle until I notify you via phone/text to enter
  • Preferred payment methods are credit card or Paypal; but check and cash will be accepted
  • Do not come to the office if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the 2 weeks prior to your appointment.  This includes any kind of travel within that time period
  • Do not come in to the office if you are sick in any way.  Even if you do no think you have COVID-19, if you are experiencing any chest and breathing issues, fever, sore throat, chills or muscle aches, please contact me immediately and I will reschedule your appointment.  There will be no late cancelation charges to keep you safe.  A full list of symptoms can be found on the CDC's website.
  • I will be calling you to pre-screen you before coming to your appointment.
  • If you are in the high-risk category for infection, please come in only if the reason for your appointment is absolutely necessary.


My Commitment to Your Safety

  • I will have a mask on at all times.  Don't worry, we can all smile with our eyes!
  • I would love a handshake, but for your health and safety I ask you to refrain from any contact outside of your treatment.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned between each session, including door handles, chairs and other things you come in contact with.
  • I will be constantly checking in with the State and CDC for any recommended updates on procedures we can do to ensure your safety.
  • Patient appointments will be gaped out farther than normal so I can have time to clean properly in-between treatments. Please be patient with me as I adjust my pace. I have only your safety and health in mind and I want to make sure I am as thorough as I can be.


Alternate support options

  • Telehealth is still an option.  Chinese Medicine is vast and there are many more techniques we can explore.  Email to schedule.
  • Herbal formulas and supplements can be shipped directly to you.
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle support to help manage your stress, adjust your diet and create mindful habits during these stressful times.

Safety and health are the most important for us all at this time.  I know we will come out on the other side stronger.  Continue to be kind to your neighbors, lend support when you notice someone may  need it, go easy on yourself, spend time in nature and wash your hands (I couldn't resist that one).

I am so excited to see you again; but let's move slowly and intelligently.